If you wish you could fix anything about your body but do not know where to start, we can guide you. If you feel ashamed, or stigmatized, or afraid that your friends and family will judge you, call us. There’s a whole community of support ready to help. We also have a selection of top notch surgeons, with impeccable reputation when it comes to safety and delivery of results. So, what are you waiting for?

In-house services:

This is an all-inclusive guesthouse. We require a minimum stay of four nights, and we offer the following services:-
1)Transportation. Our transportation package covers:
– Pickup from pre-op visit.
– ⁠Round trip surgery day.
– ⁠Round trip for the post-op visit.
– ⁠Pharmacy Run.
– ⁠Airport drop off.
2) Three square meals a day, including snacks and beverages.
3) Wound care and supplies.
4) Laundry, shower, dressing assistance.
5) With a 4-day stay, you get two free massages. Additional free massages are added when you book six days or more.
6) *Infusion can be arranged if needed at discounted rate.


Stella Room: $399/night - Private room

Private bedroom with a queen bed and power recliner. The room is suitable for dolls who have had a Mommy Makeover or a Tummy Tuck and are required to be in a recliner for recovery. Also available for dolls with companions or anyone who wants privacy.  For more pictures, click here 

Grace Room: $299/night -Shared room

This is our shared suite with two beds. It is a gorgeous space decorated with bright colors for our inner barbie. The Captain Bed is most suitable because movement on the bed is not restricted by headboards and footboards, and the dolls are free to rotate in any direction as they struggle to find a comfortable position. For more pictures, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why is 4-Days Minimum Stay important for Recovery?

This is from a safety standpoint and here is the breakdown:-

– Day-1/Night-1: First night is before surgery. Pre-op is mostly on this day. Surgery is nerve racking and a good night’s sleep is important to lower anxiety and stress prior to your operation.

– Day-2/Night-2:First night after surgery. It is the most difficult period. You require monitoring and care for the first 24 hours.

– Day-3/Night-3: Post-op visit to be cleared for return home

– Day-4/Night-4: Any complications are usually noticeable 3 days post-op and it is very important to be in the vicinity of your surgeon should anything happen.

What should I bring ?

– Your favorite fuzzy-warmie blankie/stuffed animal/squishy. We find that during recovery, many girls tend to miss their favorite soothing items.
– Personal Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, lotion, deodorant, sprays, haircare)
– Compression socks
– Foam boards
– BBL pillow
– Second faja (first one is provided by surgery center)
– Large loose clothing
– Slip-on shoes
– Arnica gel.

What time is checkout ?

We accept 4 days minimum. Checkout at 11 am. Fee of $50 if you remain on property up to 3pm.

If you stay past 3 pm and are still in occupancy of room, you will be charged full rate for the day.

Is deposit refundable?

– Must pay $250 deposit before your stay can be confirmed. Deposit amount is only refundable if canceled within 3 days of pay.
– The full amount must be paid 2 week ( 14 calendar days) prior to your arrival date.
– If stay is canceled after full payment, only 50% of total amount will be refunded.

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