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Welcome to Bessi Recovery House- Let us take care of you
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 by Autumn Robinson
Continued Review

To Continue My Review Not Only Was I Welcomed With A Warm And Comfortable Place Too stay but the cleanliness Of the beautiful Home was beyond me. I was blessed to have been in warm home where I never had to wonder if it was clean or not the whole was white and spotless if you ask me Cinderella looks like she’s there the entire day. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the house or my care while I was there. I have never seen a house so spotless and to be white at that. It’s hard to keep white clean but these ladies were beyond awesome. When I’m well and healed I would love just to visit just because there hearts are warm a the house is clean. I appreciate you so much recovery home you all ROCK and I wish you the best of luck on future pickings. I’m sure you won’t have an issue with clients people would love to choose your home

 by Autumn Robinson
Best Recovery House

Bessi Recovery House Is Not Only The best but the most thoughtful! I looked long and hard for a recovery home for several months. Everybody had there flaws and some had great prices and also good deals. But Nobody had the care in their voice like Nina (Bessi Recovery Home) When I called to get information on this recovery home her voice was so warm and I felt I was at peace without evening choosing the home. The way she cared for me by just answering all my questions and giving insight on her recovery home was beyond magnificent. Yes there were plenty homes with cheaper prices and never is cheaper better. I was welcomed with open arms from the day I booked with the home and until this day. Not only was there no flight into Miami the day I arrived I had to fly into Fort Lauderdale which was great because Bessi was stationed there where I needed to be. I was welcomed into warm open arms as soon as I reached the airport. I was blessed to have chosen this recovery home. Once I got into the car I had snacks and wonderful conversation which ease my nervousness of going to pre-op. Once I left pre-op, I was prepared my favorite Salmon. Everyday, it was a blessing to be treated like I was family. Also the meals were magnificent. There was never a time where I had to wonder about my decision of choosing Bessi Recovery home. They are truly a blessing I would recommend this recovery home to anybody who is looking forward to getting a recovery home. I would recommend a recovery home for you dolls any day please don’t try to do it with just a family or friend or on your own. It’s not easy as it looks. These ladies here at BESSI ARE A TRUE BLESSING. The massages, the meals, the comfort, the warm hearts all in one.

 by Nicoline

This recovery house is the best. I enjoyed my stay there. I recommend to everyone. Thanks once more for your great services.

 by Larry Clark
Amazing Service

Bessi Recovery House was a life saver! If your considering ANY surgery, you need to have Nina and her caring crew look after you. What you don’t know about surgery is that it can and will kill you.

You wish you made the call when:
You’re in so much pain you can’t walk.
You’re bleeding everywhere and nobody’s around to help you.
You have to use the bathroom and you can’t get there.
After surgery you think you’ve been run over by a truck!
You WILL and must need help!

Call Nina because she is the very best. She built a facility so clean that you could eat off the floor. She has the tools, supplies, beds, and elevated chairs. Most importantly she has the expertise that you wish had but don’t. No friend, mother, husband, boyfriend can provide the extensive care that you WILL need. Try Bessi Recovery House! You will not regret your decision. I’m extremely glad I did because my wife will always get the best. Thanks Nina you’re a life saver!

Larry Clark

 by Jane
Beautiful and good service

I stayed at Bessi Recovery House for a week. The staff were so caring . The place is so clean. I totally recommend this place to everyone